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If you’re looking for a more flexible short-term vehicle solution that is easily adjustable to your individual circumstances, then our long-term car rental program is just what you are looking for.


Our long-term car rental solutions are ideal for international assignees and businesses, especially if you are:


  • A Freelancer registered in Germany/internationally and need a vehicle solution that provides a monthly invoice, but don’t yet qualify for a full lease option.


  • An assignee arriving in Germany with an initial 6-month work visa and you want to avoid expensive traditional car rental costs.


  • Your original assignment in Germany has been extended for a limited time, but it’s not economically possible to lease for the short period.


  • You’re an international company sending business travelers to Germany for a short assignment (12 months or less) but need a flexible solution that can be adjusted to the project duration.   


  • You’re a U.S. / Canadian Military or DoD member stationed in Germany and are looking for a VAT Free flexible vehicle solution until you PCS/relocate to your next assignment.


  • You’ve ordered your lease vehicle, but need to bridge the gap until vehicle delivery.


  • You’d like to try a different car every 6 months. For example a cabrio/performance vehicle in the summer and an SUV in the winter.


If you’ve received Orders or a Posting to Germany and will be PCSing/relocating here soon, or are already stationed here, our Military & DoD Program offers access to flexible, VAT-Free long-term vehicle rentals.


All rentals include all-in costs such as maintenance, insurances, additional drivers, seasonal tires in a brand new / nearly new, fully equipped automatic vehicle. No need to ship a second car or buy an old beater from the lemon lot. Drive in style and keep your family safe. Select from a wide range of VW / Audi and Volvo cars.  


Contact us today to find out how we can support you and your family whilst station in Germany. 

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