If your next assignment or move is taking you to the USA or UK, have you considered how you will get around once you arrive? Even though you speak English, being new to a country also means that you may not have a credit history there. This can influence your credit rating and be a deciding factor in a lease / finance term being approved.

Our US Partner has several programs that remove this obstacle, making it possible for international assignees and expats to lease/finance brand new or pre-owned vehicles direct from the manufacturer.

Receive exclusive discounts with low monthly rates, delivery time guarantees and low-cost insurance from an award-winning service provider with over 20 years’ experience.


This program offers international assignees heading to a new country on a short-term assignment a flexible vehicle solution that can adjust to their work assignment schedule. Safe guard against the risk of your time abroad being cut short by an early project end or have the reassurance that you can continue to use the same vehicle if your project takes longer than anticipated.

A long-term rental solution is also great for those who are moving to a new country and still settling in to their new surroundings, or as a temporary solution until their own/leased/financed vehicle is delivered.

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