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When arriving in a foreign country it is important to have peace of mind that you are well covered for all eventualities. That your finances at home are in check, and that your new domestic, as well as your international situation, are both taken into consideration.

We believe it is essential to seek independent and professional advice in a language that you understand.  That is why we have partnered with one of Germany's trusted insurance brokers to ensure you get the right consultation for your global needs. 


Germany is a very insurance-minded country and it is possible to cover yourself against almost any type of risk. We have listed the most common insurances available, some of which are mandatory and some of which are just sensible to have, depending on your situation.


It is compulsory to have health insurance in Germany while living or working in the country. There is a dual system in place, which means residents have a choice between private and state (Statutory) health insurance.



Private occupational disability insurance is one of the more important insurances you need when moving to Germany. Occupational disability insurance offers worldwide cover and benefits. 



Homeowners building insurance protects buildings against hazards such as fire, water, vandalism and storms. With a building insurance it is possible to insure your home for up to the total value that a complete reconstruction of your house would cost.



Like in any country, the costs for solicitors, court cases and proceedings are very high in Germany. Legal Aid Insurance covers the costs for your chosen lawyer, court costs, official evaluation, assessments and also those of the opposite party should you be made liable for them.


There is compulsory state nursing care insurance in place in Germany which is linked to your health insurance. 

Supplementary nursing care insurance covers the difference between what you receive from the state and the actual costs you incur.


The supplementary insurances are designed to fill the gaps (both in treatment and financial) within state health care, making it possible for you to design the cover that suits your needs and wishes.



With many landlords now insisting on renters insurance, household contents insurance is the right cover for you and your household goods.

It offers cover in case of damage occurring through:

fire, mains water, storm, hail, robbery through break-in,

theft and vandalism. 


Personal liability is one of the most important insurances to have during your time in Germany. It offers cover for the financial implications arising, should you or your family cause unintentional damage to a third party, either physical, material or financial.


Life Insurance is designed to financially protect the bereaved in the event of your death. If you are the main earner in your family, it makes sense to financially safeguard their future in case you are no longer able to. 



Private Accident Insurance is designed to offer you financial protection if you do not recover your full abilities following

an accident. It can offer you worldwide and around the clock protection. 



It is compulsory to have at least third party insurance for your vehicle in Germany. This is the minimum requirement for you to register and legally drive a vehicle in Germany (and the EU) Full Comprehensive is optional and offers cover in the event of vandalism and damages to your vehicle if you are at fault.



Having a pet can be costly if it gets ill. Pet insurance covers those regular and unexpected vet costs. Dog Liability Insurance is in some states of Germany a legal requirement.

It covers any accidents, injuries or damages caused by your dog(s). 

Our insurance partner will help you navigate through the confusing maze of insurance products available in Germany, with the aim of putting together not only the right package designed for your specific needs but also the best cover for your budget.


Even if you already have any German cover in place, they may be able to find you a better or more cost-effective deal. Contact us today and we will gladly put you in touch to receive qualified, independent, non-obligatory free consultation. 

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